Google Nexus Q Review: The Frist Ever Truly Social Streamer Device To See If Survives?

When Google TV didn’t get much success over others, the insiders of Google was thinking to embed Google TV on the latest televisions. That rumor was from the beginning of the year and after 6 month we can see the rumor was not truly just a rumor. Apparently Google people have come up with a better option of their all media to reach its mass audience. Yes, Its Google Nexus Q.

Nexus Q is unique and I say that because no other gadget was invented to make audio and video in such extent flexible to share and stream together. In one sense I can say this device is to make you more social. Like if your device does not have the song you want to enjoy on a party you won’t miss the song if any of your friend has that song with them and you won’t have transfer it, Google Nexus Q will connect it with and stream the song on its 25-watt amplifier built in speaker system. Cool right?

Most importantly it not only like that, you can connect with any HD TV to get almost all kinds of Web media’s owned by Google very easily. But here the question comes that how Google can take the position from other market which is already connected with people’s bed room. Let’s see the detail of this Google Q.

No questioned asked it’s unique in very much every sense. Living room furniture’s were pretty much being designed for rectangular devices for any kinds of TV devices or media player devices. Google Q is going to be truly an alien’s device in living rooms. Funny huh?

The First Look Of Nexus Q: How Unique This Device Is ?

Yes, It’s like “fallen from outer space” a spherical device which is magically divided by a 45% angled LED and its primary body color black with this LED truly makes it a Fallen From Outer Space device in living room.

It is called Q. if you want understand the secret of branding the device I think you have look at the connector of it. They call it banana connector but together with the banana connector the all New Google sphere is truly a Letter Face –Q. Look other device revealed on this 2012 Google’s I/0 , all of them are named after their physical shape. 7 inches marvelous tablet is Nexus 7 and the mysterious glass is Google Glass.

In the banana connector they have wires for connecting different devices together. There are microHDMI, optical audio outs, an ethernetport wire for 25 watt amplifiers to give it a go with your speakers. Oh, there is a micro USB jack for geeky guys who wants to infiltrate the system to play with it by hacking around.

Ok, enough about its beauty now let me tell you some of the issues people have within very short time, in fact I also agree with these issues. The ports are all micro types and you might have to fight a little bit to get the connection to your TV.

This is a tiny little device and if you put it somewhere away from TV it is dimension won’t cut your guest’s eye towards it. But once they look at it its aesthetic. Its color and the finishing is truly to catch the mind instantly. More interestingly once the blue LED is moving around it you might remember any thrilling device of Sci-Fi movie.

An Alien Nexus Q Without a “Face”.

Anyone can get astonished by seeing it for first time who doesn’t know what Google Q is, the simple reason is it doesn’t have in interface or display on it. People might misunderstand it as a toy of your kids. No, I am kidding. It doesn’t have any interface but you can operate Q with any of your Android device. New Nexus 7 or any android phone can go with it very smoothly. Open up the app on your android device. Turn the Wi-Fi on and you are good to go with its interface on your phone.

No doubt Google Nexus Q is without interface and you can only change its blue lights intensity on it. All of its functionality is on your android device. The very fun fact of Q is it connectivity. On your room whoever has an android device and the Q app can play around with your Q device.

Imagine you have thrown a party and Your Nexus Q is on fire, I think you do not have to hire a Dj for playing music and most of all anyone who has android and Q app on it can change and put songs on your Nexus Q to enjoy together. From adding new song to changing the playlist is possible on Nexus Q. It’s truly social device in this sense.  In fact The Nexus Q is only device which makes the social streaming in every sense.

As far as video playback goes it’s also marvelous, all Google product will very much synch with Nexus Q and without any issue you can have it all from the Google cloud to your TV or sound system. Google Guys says that Nexus Q is to bring the cloud media home flawlessly.

With 1 GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage this minicomputer is a matter of looking forward that whiter it can survive with its alien faced look and social mood of functionality. The fact is mysterious because android device and Google product is making it kinds of limited in its use with best outcomes. Now it’s time to see whiter people loves this Google product to play around with or just doesn’t get through peoples mind.

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