How To Become More Productive By Changing One Step of Thought?

When it comes to personal productivity it’s all about how your thought processes works in a synchrony with your skill. Skill does not have any value if your thought processes about the skill and the result of the work doesn’t keep a relationship. 10% of your skill will give you 100% productivity if you have a very strong mindset 90%. In this post I will discuss a one step formula to create a concrete mindset of where you can get 100% productivity with a 10% skill.

It might sound silly to work with 10% skill level and wishing a total productivity in any work. But if you have solid mindset that is constructed properly, will boast the skill and productivity. Let me break it down in simple step.

1. First thing you need to do is construct a truly solid mindset for every work you want to get 100% productivity.
2. Such mindset will give you the emotional juice to start any work with proper knowledge( This is not skill)
3. Your Solid mindset will now kick in to apply every single thing you know about that work with full care and passion.

Above three steps are just to create a big picture of whole productivity processes but achieving all these together a simple 1 step processes. That key step will change your life in every aspect if you apply it.

The one step formula of 100% Personal Productivity Is “Changing and controlling the Focus of Thought”.

The simple one step is about your “Focus Of Thinking Processes”. If you can work on this Single Thing your life will be flawlessly productive and you achieve of life will give you true happiness through this. The good news is working on “Focus Of Thinking Processes” needs only Two things- Changing the focus and controlling the focus.

Before I tell you how you can create a best combination of above two I have to tell you the reason and science of “Focus Of Thinking Processes” and its impact on productivity. First thing you have understand what happen whenever you brains thoughts focuses on any specific aspect of life(it can be positive or it can be negative). At the moment you focus on anything it’s going to give you a meaning according to your focus.

Now after you get a meaning of either it’s a loss for you or you see an opportunity your emotions kicks in to act.  Every action is a result of an emotion and the emotion comes from a meaning of focus.

Now in conclusion the key to productivity is changing the “Focus Of Thinking Processes” toward positive opportunity and being aware of keeping the focus for good.

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