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HTC Desire V Review – A Dual Sim Sense Experience:

We know HTC as one of the largest Android manufacturers and it’s known for its timely updates for its released phones.  This season especially HTC is turning the table with its huge lineup of Desire and One Series. Just after the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC announced most of its device for Android 4.0 update. But HTC made debut with its special One Series phones which had a chain of mid to high end phones in the lineup. HTC is trying now to enter the Dual Sim market, as we know there are users who need two Sims to be used but due to lack of Dual Sim high end phones customer have to go for other phones. HTC has already caught eyes of the low budget customers with its Desire C and now it’s eying the mid to high end customers with the release of HTC Desire V. It has some good specifications and stunning looks which is still not available in a Dual Sim high end phone.

Of course the specifications of the handset is mid-range but there are very less options and this is the best available in the market. It has a 1 GHz single processor combined with a 512 Mb of RAM. The device has a 4.o inch WVGA display and greatly it is running Android Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box and there may be a Jelly Bean update too.

After opening the box we got:


Wall charger with detachable Micro USB



We have seen that days are gone when we used to get a big box from Nokia filled with lots of accessories; now the manufacturing are doing cross cutting on the accessories and the box.

Design and Features: Elegant and Premium

If we take a thorough look at the device we feel that HTC is the one device maker which never compromises with the build quality. The device is 9.3 mm thick which is good considering some other devices is excessive price range. The device fits perfectly in hands and rests in our palms. The phone has a sloppy back panel which makes it easy to hold. Below the display there are three capacitive touch buttons like the One series. The device feels very premium in spite it is made of plastic. The device feels as premium as the One X which was the company’s flagship. The metallic element surrounding the camera looks clean and adds a sexy look to the phone.

The one thing that the device lacks is the physical buttons placement and its experience; the buttons are not at all placed properly and it’s difficult to press them.

The display is not extra ordinary; the display is a 4.0 inch with a resolution of 480 x 800. The display bags an above average pixel density of 233 ppi. There is no special type of LCD used but the colors produced are good and crisp. The viewing angles are good and the outdoor visibility causes no problems at all. We have to applause HTC for managing to integrate this display in a phone so small sized. HTC has really done some good engineering in the making of the phone.

HTC has integrated Sense UI on top of the Android vanilla experience. We surely love the Android stock experience but we do not hate the Sense UI either. The device runs the latest version of Sense 4.0 which does not need any introduction. We do love the way HTC has made Sense UI, it surely deviates a lot from the original Android experience but it’s just a treat to use it.

The keyboard is well made and well-spaced. The keyboard is very easy to use both in portrait and in landscape mode and especially easy in portrait mode and can be easily used in one hand.

The device is powered with a 1 GHz single core processor combined with a 512 Mb of RAM.  The spec sheet is good but we don’t know why the handset does not live up to it. The handset lags too much, the navigation is not smooth and while sliding in the home screen there is some hang. But it’s no problem for an average user; the phone gets the work done without any issues for an average and daily use.

The device has a 4 GB on board storage but due to apps installed the total available storage is only 1 GB so you will definitely buy a Micro SD card for additional storage. There is 25 GB of Drop Box Storage thanks to HTC.


Camera and Multimedia: Easy to use

There is a 5 Mega pixel camera shooter at the back which seems impressive for a Dual Sim camera. The camera is very simple and easy to use interface like the HTC One series that we surely like. The device nearly has no shutter lag and takes approximate just one second for a picture click and that’s all. The images produced were quite bluish and saturated. The images had a good amount of noise too present in them. Unfortunately there is no HD video recording in the phone; the phone can record videos up to resolution of 480 x 800. This is of very low standards considering today’s standards but ok for daily use. We cannot expect wonders with the phone in this category.

The HTC Desire V is good in the multimedia department. The HTC Sense music player is just like the others with no need of further explanation; It plays all music formats and it has an easy to use interface.

Battery Life and Conclusion: A Good Attempt from HTC

The company has included a 1650 mAh battery which is fairly large and it has enough juice to get you one day with full charge.

On the whole we say that HTC has made a good attempt in making a Dual Sim phone and attacking a good department. There aren’t too many options for the end users currently and this is the best available option for the end users who ever wanted a mid-end dual Sim Android phone.

HTC Desire V Price in India: Rs.20950

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