Nokia Asha 305 Review

Nokia Asha 305 phone review:

Nokia, the biggest mobile manufacturers of all time is on all time low with shares walling like rain and there is no scope of gain. The company was the leader in mobile phone industry in each and every sector of mobile phones whether a low budget phone or a smart phone or a music phone or any other premium phones, Nokia was the global leader in each and every sector. At first with the release of Android and iPhone it had lot of competition in the Smartphone market and eventually was kicked out by Samsung and Apple. The one thing Nokia was safe was the low to mid end phones, but with the Android phones growing cheaper and cheaper its safe market is also facing tough times. To evacuate from this position Nokia has bought up a cheap full touch screen Smartphone with great looks. The latest phone is the Nokia Asha 305 full touch candy bar phone.

Nokia Asha 305

Design and Features: King of design

Whenever we look into the phone designing still there are very few companies which can beat Nokia on that. Each and every phone is kept at top notch design and the Asha 305 has not been put backwards. We especially liked the Nokia Lumia series design, hats off to the designers. I think the same designer has designed this Asha 305 too. The materials used are plastic but that is not as cheap as Samsung. The quality of plastic used is good and the phone feels quite solid and can handle lot of tortures which is typical for Nokia.

The design is one of its kinds, while using other Dual Sim phones the most difficult part is to switch Sims which differs from phone to phone. In Nokia Asha 305 the both of the Sim Slots are located on the left side of the phone which makes it easier to switch Sims without even removing the battery.

The device features a reasonably good 3.0 inch screen with a standard resolution of 240×400 which is ok considering its size of course we cannot expect Retina Display resolution from the screen. The pixel density marked at 115 ppi which is reasonably good for a low budget device.

The one very odd thing that Nokia has done is inclusion of a resistive touch screen instead of capacitive touch screen. The resistive touch lacks touch response and sometimes avoids touches too. Nokia should have included at least a capacitive touch screen if not the multi touch screen. We are very disappointed in this matter with Nokia.

Nokia Asha 305 has a card slot fitted with an expandable memory of 32 GB. In the box you will get a 2 GB card which considering today’s standards is quite low. The internal memory is also too less at just 10 MB which is used to store data like Contacts and Messages. The lack of internal memory makes it compulsory for having an external SD card. The ROM is 64 Mb and RAM is 32 MB with a slow processing speed. The device cannot be used for heavy multitasking applications and running large applications.

There is a wide variety of color options available too, the color options being Red, Dark Grey, Silver White, Mid blue. We got the Red version which definitely was very appealing to us.  The other colors are also available in stock. The device comes with an inbuilt accelerometer sensor for gaming purposes. The phone comes with a premium subscription of more than 40 games and also with full-edged messaging access.


If we look at the most important feature of mobile phone that is the communication part, the device is equipped with fully fledged EDGE and GPRS connectivity. It is very disappointing that the device does not feature HSPA or HSDPA connectivity. Bluetooth connection is present with A2DP profile, the Bluetooth version is old 2.1. You cannot use any wireless network connection due to the lack of WLAN. It has a Micro USB port for charging and Data syncing and a 3.5 mm jack for headset.

Camera:  nothing to expect

There is a 2 mega pixels camera shooter at the back of the device which lacks LED flash. The camera is descent 2 Mega pixels with camera taking ability at outdoors only. The night shooting can be a bit disappointing as there is no flash to get good images at night. The camera is capable of doing video recording that’s all. We cannot expect a HD video recording considering the price and camera it records videos at 10fps with a resolution of 176 x 144 which is descent.

Battery: Strong competitor

The battery is very standard at size of 1100 mAh which has enough juice for heavy usage for two days. According to Nokia you can get up to 40 hours of music playback 14 hours of talk time and 528 hours of standby. We are satisfied with the battery and It’s definitely better than most of high end phones. Battery is the only thing that Symbian series phones can brag in front of Android.

Conclusion: A definite go for low budget Nokia lover

The phone is typical Nokia with some good features and there are lacks of some features but what can one expect from such a low priced device. The device now retail at $75-85and is a strong competition. If you are a diehard Nokia fan and looking for a cheap phone with lots of features then there is no second opinion but it can be difficult to purchase for those who are not a Nokia fan.


                                Good battery

                                Excellent sound

                                Build Quality


                                Old S40 series platform

                                Camera a bit low

                                Resistive touch screen


Price: Rs. 4350 to Rs.4900 ( It varies based on e-commerce websites and retail stores)



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