Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: The Reasons Behind 10 Million Unit Sell Within First Two Month

No other Android smartphone couldn’t reach like apple’s single device sell but it seems like Samsung is going to beat apple this time as highest single device seller with Samsung’s very new Galaxy S3. Few days back Samsung president himself announced that within first two month total unit sold is incredibly 10 million and the with this current rate by the end of the year 2012 this number will be over 40 million. This is obviously a highest number among the entire smartphones single device sell. What’s inside this Galaxy S3?

Samsung’s has got its growth in a steady stream with its Galaxy S and S2 and these get them last year as biggest smartphone manufacturer and This year Galaxy S3 very rapid success within first two month is showing something even bigger. But the question is about its survival against some other high end smartphone like HTC One X or The Big A apple’s iPhone 4S.

Now let’s have a look on every features of this very smartphone to know why it becomes a very hot cake to smartphone lovers.

The Built Of Galaxy S3 Body

Smart phone is not smart if the phone is not effortless to hold. Who doesn’t want to be slim and get a slim partner to be with? No one right? In fact definition of smart doesn’t fulfill without slimness. Let’s look at how Samsung is devoted to make their phones smart with every innovation. 9.9mm then 8.6 and now its 7.00 mm. Look how Samsung has taken a huge shift of 2.9mm to sell 10 million the Galaxy S3 within first two month.

It’s slimmer and smarter than ever to hold a phone effortlessly. Despite having a batter you can remove from it, Galaxy S3 has a very strong built and its solidness evokes huge confident to hold the phone.

The Smart Screen Of Galaxy S3

A 4.8” display is pretty prominent on a 7 mm thin body of smartphone. It is not only big enough its result is amazingly superb thanks to its very high resolution AMOLED technology. Every color and the contrast are unquestionable with its result. On AMOLED everything is vivid as live with a 720p result.

The Android OS of Galaxy S3

It was launched before the project butter android cutting edge Jelly Bean 4.1 and this is the reason it’s not on Jelly Bean 4.1 but so far the best android version is the heart of Galaxy S3. The latest Ice Cream Sandwich is the OS of Galaxy S3 units.

All other Ice cream sandwich features are there without any change but the single change has brought to make the phone smoother to operate. The recent app- is not available on Galaxy S3 home screen, it is to access the menu and back tap effortlessly.

The Very Own Features Of Galaxy S3

The S Voice: Apple brought Siri to make iPhone more fun and behave like a personal assistant and it was appreciated much by smartphone users and as Samsung’s plan is take over apple it has offered Galaxy S3 with S Voice. Pretty much like Siri but S voice takes many straight forward commands and most of all it does not work without reasoned data aggression. With having some issue it’s much fun to use S Voice.

Smart Stay:This one makes the Galaxy S3 much more productive smartphone. With this Galaxy S3 detects activity. If you are not looking at the Galaxy S3 during certain time it detects that you are not up to using the phone and it saves battery by switching off the screen.

Smart Call: It’s a cool feature to make you lazy to tap even the button while want to call anyone. Open address book, go to contact detail and now you have to just move your hand towards your ear to make a call.

NFC, Wi-Fi, and other smartphone features are obviously no need to explain on review.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has a camera, similar to its sibling S2 (8MP) to take spans and a video recording of 1080p. Its 1.9MP front cam is also pretty impressive with its 720p self-video recording ability.

Look at back in initial days of mobile technology some very low end phones were pretty impressive with their very long lasting power supply. Some of them even pass week with single charge. Now phone are getting smarter and smarter but battery power supply is not very smart so far. The simple reason is you need to feed a lot of power to get lots of thing on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty much super functioning smartphone with its very high resolution screen and to supply the power Samsung has set a removable battery of 2100mAh. Obviously it will depend upon you that how much you use the phone and what you do with it.

If you are curious about the performance of this very high end phone you better don’t even ponder upon it. The reason I am saying this Quad-Core chipset.Almost 200,000 Galaxy S3 units is getting on smartphone lovers hand without any doubt it is going to be a very market dominating phone by Samsung.

Let us know on comment section bellow would you like to get one for you? And how you find this super smartphone?

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