Samsung Galaxy y pro Duos review: A Qweroid (QWERTY with Android) Experience redefined

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Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos  Complete Review:

So here we are with yet another Samsung device. Samsung is trying to make an impact in the mobile market, it has taken away all the best phones tags away from Nokia and has established itself as one of the most profitable organization of the world. As we all know that only Samsung has that amount of capital strength to manufacture more than 30 mobile phones per year and here we are with yet another Android phone from Samsung. This time Samsung has released a QWERTY touch Android phone with Dual Sim woo it’s a deadly combination.  The name is according to the Samsung new naming standards that is ‘Y’ for low budget ’Pro’ for Physical Keyboard and ‘Duos’ for Dual Sim.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos

The Galaxy Y pro Duos cover all of the expectations that a low budget youngster wants from his phone with a sub 1 GHz processor. The biggest advantage is that it has ability to support multiple Sims simultaneously.

Design and Features:  Can easily be recognized as Samsung

Samsung is not known for giving its phone the best build quality but its known for the features that its phone can deliver at a given price. The phone is not extra ordinary; it’s just a QWERTY portrait candy bar android phone. The phone has curved edges and also has tapered corners which give the phone a very easy grip.  The phone’s back cover is made with plastic as with most of the Samsung phones but metallic finish gives it a nice look.

The form factor of the phone is sized at 110.8 x 63.5 x 11.9 mm. The phone is not one of the thinnest in the industry but thin enough so that it can be easily carried. The phone has a MicroUSB port for charging and Data Syncing at the Bottom, on the left side we have the volume rockers and on the right we have the power lock/Unlock button.  There is a 3.5mm jack at the top with a hole to get the back cover off.

There is no regular capacitive touch buttons at the bottom but instead they are traditional physical buttons with an optical track pad with select feature. The navigational buttons are reasonably large and very easy to use. The track pad is very sensitive and works very well. By tapping the track pad button the selected item gets opened which is good for most of the users who like to use the buttons more than the touch screen.

The display is also fairly good at 2.6 inches size. The resolution of the display is 320 x 240 giving it a pixel density of 154ppi. The display is not that good but looking to the phone range it is very good while most phones are stuck in about 120-130ppi. The brightness is good for using outside viewing but the viewing angles are not maintained properly. At horizontal angle the phone is not at all usable.

The physical keyboard is one of the main attractions of the phone. The phone is wide enough to fit the keyboard properly. The keys are well separated from each other so it becomes easier to type on it and there are reduced miss types. There is a function key placed at the bottom which can be used for any custom actions as set by the user himself which is a nice addition to the phone.

The Android version used in the phone is Gingerbread 2.3 and Ice Cream Sandwich is more likely to be not present in future. The Samsung installs Touch Wiz on top of the Vanilla Android experience and there is no new in Touch Wiz. Since there is a physical keyboard present we do not feel the shortage of space in the display like the other smaller sized phones.

The device has a fair 832 MHz processor with a Ram of 512 Mb. The device runs fairly well due to its low pixel density. The expandable memory slot gives an ample storage for music and video playback.

We used pinch zoom which was present but it had lags. The setback set that the browser does not support flash instead it can only support flash lite.

In the multimedia department we cannot state that the device is multimedia powerhouse but it is descent seeing its price. The Touch Wiz Music Player is the same and with some nice preset equalizers. By default it only runs MP-4 video format for the other formats you need to download a third party video player. The sound is very clear but lack loudness.

samsung galaxy y pro duos front back

Camera: Nothing surprise 

The Camera interface is simple yet functional; it has lots of presets with sweep panoramic shot, Smile detection mode and other scene modes. There is no auto-focusin camera instead having a fixed focus shots. The shots have photos which are oversaturated and over sharpened, but bearable for the camera resolution. The white balance of phone is not maintained and there is a slight yellowish tint present in photos. The camera is pretty noisy too and it’s very difficult to shot in low-light due to lack of flash.

The video capturing capability lacks HD. It can capture videos at 240 x 320 resolutions only with a very low quality video recording. It is typically useless considering today’s standards.

Battery Life and Conclusion: Below Average

The battery is 1450 mAh powered which is stated to give seven hours of talk time in 3g mode which is disappointingly very less as compared to today’s standards andefinitely below average.

If you are looking for a low budget phone with a QWERTY keyboard there are very few options only available in the market. If you are looking for a sporty looking phone then you are seeing the right handset. This is the best Dual Sim QWERTY keyboard Android currently offered in the Market.


Dual Sim
Low Budgeted
Well built


Disappointing camera
Weak microphone

The Price in India: between Rs.8890 to Rs. 9990

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