Samsung Series 9 Laptop Review: Ultimate Hunt for a Sleek yet Powerful Laptop

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If you are hunting for a small, powerful, highly advanced notebook then Samsung Series 9 Laptop might be an ultimate find for you. It seriously was a nail biting situation for me when I saw the notebook. Man it’s just Awesome!! What would you expect from your laptop a super powerful processor, large storage capacity, speed and moreover good battery life. Then this Samsung laptop would be a very good option for you. Samsung has shown some good consistency as far as the performance of their laptop’s are concerned. And it won’t be wrong to say that Samsung are going to rock in this sector also.

HARDWARE AND DESIGN: Sleek, cute, thin and light

A superb combination of awesome look and performance. A 13- inch model (probably with the best looks I have ever seen). The way the light floats across the laptop surface is a complete delight. The deep dark blue matte aluminum texture soaking up the rays to make the laptop impossibly slim. The way the lid and the body combine makes it a one piece machine. One unbelievable fact about it is that it is even slimmer than the MacBook air 13- inch model. Now that’s quite interesting. Despite being so slim and thin it still maintains good build quality.

Looking into the available ports and slots available we find a USB 3.0 port on the left side along with an along with the micro HDMI slot and power socket while on the right hand side we have two USB 2.0 ports and a 3.5mm jack and a small microphone hole. But it was very delighting to see the Samsung SD card slot to make a return.

SCREEN AND SPEAKERS: Below Average Speaker

Now this notebook gives you a 13.3 inch display with a pixel dense 1600*900 resolution with nice wide viewing angles. It’s not the best screen quality among the other laptops o the same price range but goes good. It’s good, bright and at least doesn’t have any backlight bleeding issues.
Looking forward to the speakers we have a small set of speakers with a little bass but they aren’t that bad. In this case Samsung uses a sound enhancement software but overall it’s not a good experience as far as the speakers and sound quality is concerned.

KEYBOARD AND TOCUHPAD: Need to apply lot of pressure

As far as the aesthetic of the laptop is concerned it’s good to be praised. But looking into the keyboard it’s quiet thin and shallow. If you apply a bit more pressure then the keys mostly bottoms out which obviously is a negative aspect. But on the positive side we have a glossy design and quite impressive looks. Keys are soft and with the dedicated function keys it’s quiet easy to access the notebook.
Now the touchpad quality has obviously improved this time as compared to the previous Samsung laptops. The ELAN software works well and good with the windows and is approaching very good quality stuff. There are some bugs too. The touchpad stops responding on multiple usage. But comparatively it’s worth.

PERFORMANCE: Power, The only word to describe it

Samsung has launched two models of this series notebooks in the market with the major difference being the operating system. The NP900X3C-A01 comes with the Windows 7 home premium while the NP900X3C-A02 has Windows 7 Professional. Both have 17W, 1.7GHz Core i5-3317U processor that turbos upto 2.66GHz, 4gb DDR3 RAM, a 128GB SanDisk U100 solid state drive, a dual band Intel 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi module and dedicated Intel HD 4000 graphics.

It boots incredibly fast and the Wi-Fi network strength is the best among all the laptop’s currently available in the market. The OS is fast, opens quickly, boots faster, videos plays without hitch, nice set of apps. Overall it’s quite impressive from Samsung as far as the performance and software is concerned. When you talk of speed then this is the demon. It starts only in 10 seconds just after pressing the power button. And even after waking up from sleep it just took 1.6 seconds to start again. That’s real speed.

SOFTWARE AND GAMING: Definitely not for Extreme Gaming

Samsung has got some good software’s which are currently working well with the Windows 7. The apps are well synchronized and we can look at all the necessary information about the laptop just by pressing F1. Easy settings give a well-organized access to the USB charging, power consumption, backlighting, including wireless networking, display colors and more all from a well-organized pane of option.
Without discrete graphics, you won’t be able to play a lot of games. High graphics games are unplayable even at the lowest graphics resolution. But for playing old games the Intel HD 4000 does a good job. Overall the gaming experience was not as expected. Samsung went down as far as the gaming area is concerned.

BATTERY LIFE, NOISE, HEAT: Can Get your hands burnt

Though you won’t be playing that much of game but after a short time you will surely experience a burning sensation in your fingers. Measuring the temperature of the surface it showed 130F which is quite hot. But it cools down quite fast. The two fans are tiny and quiet and this segment of this laptop is impressive.
Samsung battery life is not that good as compared to the other ultrabooks. But considering the small size of the laptop Samsung only fit managed to fit 5800mAh worth of Lithium Polymer chemistry goodness into the 13-inch chassis. I got 6 hours of backup working with full load on the processor which is considerably good.

FINAL WORDS: One of the Sleekest and powerful Laptop available

Samsung nearly worked a lot to launch a masterpiece but just for some aspects just failed by a bit. It has got some super cool looks and for the youth it would be a good option considering their image. If Samsung could have arranged a little bigger battery, better keyboard and a nice set of speakers then it would have rightly deserved the tag of the best thinnest ultra book of the world. But till now it’s the MacBook. Samsung needs to wrap up things.

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