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Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Review: Looking for excellent compact sized camera with a good image sensor, then Sony might have released just the right gadget for you the new Sony Cyber Shot Rx100.Whenever we think of a good camera it means a big bulky solution for image processing which can squeeze nearly everything of your wallet. The Sony Rx100 is the latest point to shoot camera that the company has released for the professionals. The company has successfully fitted the large one inch camera sensor (first ever to do so) into a pocket sized camera. Till now there was very little option for the users for a compact point to shoot camera with Canon S100 some possibilities were created but that was not up to the mark. If we look now in the market the whole of camera market is being eaten up by the latest smartphone sensors with Nokia already releasing an 808 pure view smartphone competition was getting tougher.

With its new mirror less camera the company just moves forward in the right direction. It is competing with Canon S100 with a larger image sensor and a 20 Mega pixel shooter which is same as the Nikon J1 consisting of a 3.6x zoom and opening up to f/1.8 wide end with everything packed into the compact camera. The only thing disturbing about the camera is its whooping price of $649.99 which can be worst nightmare for many people but it fully justifies the price by the portability and image quality.


The design part is the part where Sony has created wonders. It measures are like 2.4x4x1.4 which is slightly larger than 2.3×3.9×1.1 form factor of the S100 not only that it weights around 1.5 ounces more than the S100 but nowhere makes it a huge issue in portability. If we go looks wise first thing that comes into mind that it is the black version of the S100.The only thing that differentiates is the Carl Zeiss logo present at the bottom (Just a sticker) and a nice line between the strap tools. Sony has not made any compromises with the build quality the build quality is top notch with full aluminum casing. The only disappointment that arises is you cannot connect any extra accessories to it, you cannot use flash not an extra lens nor a microphone so that me be setback for some.


Just like traditional Sony. If anyone has ever used a Sony SLT or Alpha DSLR then you are not going to face any challenge. It uses the same menu system which is in itself very logical and well working. The best thing that Sony pulls out is the usability of the menu. Sony has customized buttons in such a manner that a normal daily shooting can be done without breaking a sweat. It has got many functions covered in the ring from manual focus to zoom.  There is a function button also present with which we can switch between the features. So it is hands up work from Sony.


This baby has a lot. If we look feature wise Sony has been able to integrate some of good features into its baby monster. It has integrated its traditional handheld twilight mode and sweep paranormal from the previous Nex mirror less camera devices. The camera has instagram style features of setting the main focus point on an image which is definitely good. There is an auto portrait mode which automatically brackets the camera but some advances users need a little more. There are more picture editing features like the tilt shift mode which is very satisfying.

Quality and performance

No surprises here .In terms of photo capturing experience this camera does the best job for us in this category of cameras. The pictures were taken at a great speed and without any lag. When in other cameras of this category long hard eyes have t be maintained in the mirror you need not to have much pressure on these are just good. Right out of the box the camera shows a great dynamic and color range where colors are accurate and a proper sharpness is maintained. The combination of sensor size and lens aperture is such that it allows for blurred backgrounds and very satisfying low light performance. After using this camera we can definitely say that any professional can use this as a backup for their DSLR and not be disappointed. These may be the future of the imaging industry.

Autofocus is one of the best. The Autofocus speed is very impressive. If the condition is in good light they perform better than the Nex series of mirror less camera. Rx100 performs up to the mark with the DSLR, the reason that we choose DSLR is faster shutter, critical response time, fast focus this baby does it all and even without compromising a single bit in quality. I need to give Kudos to Sony for pulling out this one so good.

The disappointment comes when we are taking videos this is not at all in competition with the DSLR’s. Though it is capable of full HD video recording at 1080p the quality is least. The image stabilizer does not work properly while walking and there is lacks of options while recoding so this can be a disappointment. Sony needs to work on this area.

Battery Life and Conclusion

A new approach Sony claims that this camera can last up to 330 shots which is good. Something untraditional Sony has presented with is not including an external charger but instead using the same charger as your mobile phone through Micro USB so this is a good approach specially liked by me that you need not to carry external charger everywhere just plug and go.

Sony gives an excellent roundup for this camera overall. This is the approach that every company should look forward to. This can be your second professional camera if you cannot carry DSLR everywhere. Surely you won’t be disappointed.

The goods:Its very well built, Excellent build quality, Fast image sensor, Design, Image quality.

The bads: Not up to the mark video quality, May be price point can be a matter.



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