The HTC One X Review: A High End Unicorn Smartphone!

HTC One X Review: An instantly eye catching The HTC One X is a white color smartphone, and can make any average person to be smartphone geek. HTC has a history of very rapid innovation and that goes kinds of down growth by releasing too many phones and first 6 month of year 2012 was not a good time for HTC changed their strategy to release to reenergized the strong  brand presence on the market. It was World Mobile congress they unveiled HTC One X. And we can see this high end phones pretty impressive domination on the market now.

The HTC One X: Hardware

HTC designed the body to catch the eye by its body color combination. By the side HTC one X has glossy shades while if you flip the phone to back you will see it’s not glossy at all and has a dull appearance. The white color is painted on another white material-Polycarbonate, so however you care it or not from scratches, every scratch will unveil white color of polycarbonate without destroying the beauty of phone. Another intelligent reason for Polycarbonate is its signal friendly nature over any other materials.

The HTC One X is truly lighter in weight with 1.1 ounces and also much cozy to hold it on hand, the reason is its profile (8.9mm) and display (4.7”).

Moving around the phone can reveal to you following things.

The earpiece speaker- deep down into polycarbonate body shell.
A volume rocker- white bar on the right hand side.
A Sim card chamber- also deep down to the body.
A MHL enabled Micro USB port is on the left side.
The Power button is on the top.
A camera along with its metallic circle on the top center of the body.

The HTC One X: Display

The HTC One X’s display is a Super LCD display with a 720p resolution. The colors are more vivid and live thanks to not being a Pen-tile display and the white on the screen is far whiter than other display of contemporary phones. With a bit enhancement of the brightness everything is pretty vividly readable on the sun light. Yes, once the brightness is bit more The HTC One X has an incredible viewing angle. The blending side by side would be the result of pseudo-concave design or may be the “Gorilla Glass”.

The HTC One X: Camera

Camera of this phone needs to stress a little bit more than its other features. Simply this phone is to give you outstanding camera experience ever over the contemporary phones. Most of the industry expert reviewed that this quickest camera on smartphone market. HTC has really a good track record of offering super camera experience with its every release. With the consequences HTC One X is also have 8MP backside camera and 2MP front camera.

0.7sec of startup and 0.2sec of shot time is much impressive than other like Galaxy Nexus series. As photographer geek knows that shutters and apertures are to vital perspective to take great photos, any photographer can get the desired settings on The HTC One X to capture great moments in a great form.

The HTC One X: Performance and battery life

The era of mobile phone chipset is revolutionized in a massive scale and every smartphones are to work like a very powerful computer on hand. Thanks to the Quad Core Technology of chipset. NIVIDIA technology is already been available while The HTC tries to another cutting edge technology of mobile phone chipset. Yes, HTC adopts Tegra 3 for the One X and this is the first smartphone with a tegra 3 as its heart.

Tegra 3 transforms the HTC one X much hard worker with huge energy. Multitasking seems like not able to kill HTC one X ‘s productivity at all. Runs several app you don’t even need it can give smooth operation for everyone.

As a tegra 3 smartphone it uses its different core with a power supply of 800mAh. Yet now the biggest change for smartphone manufacturers is the battery life improvement and no one is on much success with battery life for the smartphones. But HTC One X is much better than its other siblings of the market by showing a 9 hours video playback at the average brightness of display.

The HTC One X: Software                        

Obviously as it is a HTC production the soft part of this android phone is HTC’s own tweak of the android called Sense. Sense 4 the tweak of android ice cream sandwich 4.0.3. Here on HTC One X you will be getting a experience of perfect android skin where everything will be in harmony of The HTC Sense and the Android ICS. As HTC has a different strategy of smartphone production it is seems like it is not going to jump on the bump of Android Jelly bean very soon.

A super -fast, elegant, aesthetically beautiful phone is The HTC One X and obviously to get this HTC product you have pay for a high price tag though.


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